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  Following multimedia projectors are available at PC Mall:

LV-5100 MultiMedia Projector
LV-S1 MultiMedia Projector
3My Multimedia Projector MP7740i
InFocus LP425z Projector

Following multimedia projectors are available at Chumbo:

EPSON PowerLite 820p Multimedia Projector - 2500 lumens 9.3lbs
3M MP7750 Multimedia Projector - 1800 lumens 6.0lbs XGA
Proxima DP6860 Multimedia Projector - 2400 lumens 14.1lbs XGA
NEC Multisync VT45 Multimedia Projector - 1000 lumens 5.6lbs
NEC Multisync LT150Z Multimedia Projector - 1000 lumens 3.3lbs XGA
Proxima DP6500x Multimedia Projector - 2500 lumens 15lbs XGA
Sharp Notevision PG-M20X Multimedia Projector - 1900 lumens 5.8lbs XGA
NEC MT1060 Multimedia Projector - 2600lumens 13lbs XGA
Toshiba TLP-781U Multimedia Projector XGA LCD w/Document Camera - 2000 lumens 11.0lbs
Canon LV-7355 Multimedia Projector - 2200 lumens XGA
NEC LT220 Multimedia Projector - 2000 lumens 6.5lbs SVGA
3M MP7640i Multimedia Projector - 1200 lumens 5.5lbs SVGA
NEC LT240 Multimedia Projector - 1600 lumens 6.5lbs XGA
NEC VT45 MultiSync Multimedia Projectors - 1000 lumens 5.6lbs SVGA
Infocus LP250 Multimedia Projectors - 1100 lumens 5.7lbs XGA
Infocus LP650 Multimedia Projectors - 2500 lumens 9.3lbs XGA
Infocus LP70 Multimedia Projectors - 1100 lumens 2.4lbs XGA

Multimedia Projectors at Epson Epson is the leading supplier of multimedia projectors, inkjet printers, and inkjet printer cartridges. Find the DLP projector, computer projector, digital projector, home theater projector, or multimedia projector.

PC Magazine reviews Epson PowerLite 810p Multimedia Projector.

IEEE MultiMedia multimedia home at computer.org.

DLP Projectors from BenQ, Proxima, Sharp, Toshiba.